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My face

May 09th, 2012 | Category: Life

So, I’ve somehow managed to injure my face. I have this astonishing pain on the right side of my face, above my upper-lip. My doctors think something’s gone screwy with my trigeminal nerve, but they don’t know how, or why, or if that’s even the actual problem. We kerryknow it’s not dental, or an infection, or a tumor, or fluid. I got this spontaneous bruise, then everything went crazy. The bruise left, the pain stayed, and that spot on my face is hard to the touch, and IT REALLY HURTS. I once broke my femur, this is worse, because it doesn’t stop. My femur was only bad when I moved. This, this hurts all the time. The pain medicine helps, but when it wears off, like it’s doing right now, I can hardly think straight.

I’ll write more later.