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Creating the Fantastic

July 17th, 2008 | Category: Opinions

I read some pretty strange fiction. It’s dark, it’s surreal, it’s gorgeous. Whenever I read something like Veniss Underground or The Etched City, I always wonder who could take such truly bizarre works of the imagination and create them visually. Who could bring such strange creatures and worlds to life in movies? Anyone? Until last night, I didn’t really know. Until last night, I hadn’t seen Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

I’ve decided that Guillermo del Toro can take anyone’s wildest dreams and bring them to life on the big screen. He takes cold CGI and gives it warmth and vibrance. His imagery is so absolutely outlandish, yet utterly believable. I guess I should have realized it after Pan’s Labyrinth, but I didn’t actually see that in its full theatrical glory. Also, there’s such a sharp contrast between Hellboy and Hellboy II, the former being a fun, but typical comic book movie and the latter being a simple yet elegant fairy tale with absolutely stunning visuals. With the right budget, I think del Toro could bring any world alive.

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Geek Summer

May 02nd, 2008 | Category: Opinions

So, I’m looking forward to a bunch of geektastic movies this summer.  There are just so many, and I really hope that at least a few won’t suck.  I’m almost certain the X-Files sequal will be awesome, because, well, Mulder and Scully rule at everything. Dark Knight should be great, I just hope they cut back on the “shaky camera” during fight sequences.  I mean, Christian Bale’s not unskilled, a fact that could have been used better in Batman Begins.  I loved Hellboy, Guillermo del Toro totally knows his stuff, so I’m pretty sure Hellboy II will rock.

I really hope Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk doesn’t suck.  The cast is solid, I just hope they tell a good story without going crazy.  Aside from The Italian Job, Edward Norton hasn’t done a bad movie.

I’m not sure why Indiana Jones is coming back.  Harrison Ford is like, 80 by now.  Is Indy going to have to save time for regular meals so he can take his medications?

I love Robert Downey Jr. and all, but I just don’t know about Iron Man.  I just… don’t… know…