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Nov 29

Tattoo #86

Category: Life
Tattoo by Doc Dog’s Las Vegas Tattoo, Ybor…

So, this tattoo is arbitrarily #86, off of Aimee Mann’s Lost in Space from a song by the same name. I say it’s arbitrarily #86 because I really don’t remember exactly when I got it other than it was within the past six-ish years. I feel like I got it at the start of my… bad years, the song definitely matches how I was feeling at the time; broken, sad, astonishingly apathetic.

Anyways, we’ll call this #86. Oh, and why the bad years? Maybe we’ll get to that, we have nine tattoos to go.


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  1. Rachel October 21st, 2020 11:32 pm

    Just read that Michael passed. May he be resting in power, peace and renewal. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Michael’s blog. I first became aware of him through Ira Glass. Johnny Depp gave such power to Michael’s message

    He was honest and raw with his readers. Not all days were great. In fact, many were plain awful. But he would regroup, and write again and again.

    I will miss his presence, but am glad he shared so much of himself with us,

    Madison, NJ

  2. Tim Guthrie October 26th, 2020 5:39 pm

    Ugh. This was brutal to read. I was just wondering about Michael and did not know he had passed until I saw Rachel’s comment. I’d followed Mike for years, and I still show the This American Life episode to my filmmaking class as an example of great storytelling and effective film editing.

    Thank you, Mike, for everything you gave and left us. You were justifiably melancholic, heroically outspoken, and terribly missed by people you will never know you had such an impact on. I feel blessed by the brief interactions we had.

    May you rest in peace. May you be from suffering, and may you know our gratitude and love.

    With utmost sincerity and a broken heart,

    Tim Guthrie