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Terminator Salvation

May 22nd, 2009 | Category: Life,Opinions

If I were 14, never seen a good movie, or read a good book, never made love to a woman, I imagine Terminator Salvation would have seemed absolutely brilliant. As it is, I’m not 14, and I’ve experienced all of the above, so this Terminator re-boot just made me regret that I wasn’t doing something genuinely fulfilling.

There’s a scene where a fellow dies and the audience sees it through his eyes, it was unfortunately very reminiscent of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I had ridiculous flashbacks of being afraid to die. I’m sitting there, at this astonishingly bad movie, thinking about the fact that one day my eyes will go dark and it won’t be my idea. I’m at this bad movie, feeling disconnected from everyone around me, the full weight of wasted time pressing down on my chest, wishing I was somewhere else, with someone else.

So, I guess Terminator Salvation made me feel something other than bored.