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A nothing of a prayer

October 06th, 2009 | Category: Creative Flash

So, I saw it there on the bar, scribbled in pencil on a scrap of paper, stuck under a dead shot glass. العاب اندرويد The place was dark, filled with smoke and people, people having a better time than me. I’m not really sure how I noticed it, or why I bothered to pick up that glass to read what I read. لعب قمار حقيقي It was just there, someone’s thought, someone’s prayer, stuck under a dead shot glass, written on a dying scrap of paper. Just two lines, just a nothing of a prayer.

I want to be next to you right now, you so close, my hand touching your face. كيف تربح المال من النت I want to kiss you slow, I want to tell you I love you with the voice in my head.

I put it back, left it there. I wonder if it ever ended up where it was supposed to go.