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To find her

September 23rd, 2014 | Category: Creative Flash

For my angel

There once was this turtle, a quiet fellow, he didn’t have lots of friends, but not because he was unfriendly, he just felt like he ought to be somewhere else, with someone else. Feeling like that all the time, no matter who happened to be around, it made him quiet. He thought he couldn’t be wrong, a feeling that persistent had to mean SOMETHING. Otherwise, nothing could possibly mean anything. Still, these nebulous others, they escaped him. The feeling that where he was wasn’t where he should be made him a little crazy, and he was already a little crazy. So, he kept looking, and waiting, but nothing came to him. Nothing, until one night.

One night, he looked up at the clear dark sky in total exasperation and saw a star, one brighter than any star in the sky, brighter than any star he’d ever seen. It had to be it, the other place, the other turtle, he had to get to that star. It was only a matter of how… He’d once heard tale of some lunatic turtle who convinced his fellow turtles to build a living tower of turtles… He didn’t remember the end, but no matter, it was a sign! Divine Providence!

So, he gathered the town and explained that there was beauty in the night-sky, beauty to be claimed by turtles! He explained about the tower, and the star, and that once he reached the star, he’d help pull the rest of them up. So up they stacked, up up up… until he sat at the very top, near enough to almost touch the star, near enough to see… an angel? The quiet turtle who reached so far blinked, stretched nearly out of his shell, just to see the angel better, just to know she was real. He was almost there… Almost, but not quite. At the bottom of the stack, several turtles began to chain-sneeze. Within seconds, the tower had crumbled, turtles falling this way and that.

Having been at the very top, the quiet turtle fell very far, very hard. He finally awoke on the ground, dizzy, visiom blurred. As the world started to clear, he saw her, a turtle he’d never seen… wearing a teal-blue scarf. She was beautiful, like the angel. She walked toward him, “Hi!” she said. He said, “Hi back…” When their eyes met, he finally knew where he belonged.