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Apr 29

Finally in use…

Category: Life

I’ve owned this domain for YEARS.  It’s an allusion to Nirvana’s song, Lithium.  It was supposed to be a creative space for my writing and what-not. Unfortunately, all I’ve ever used it for is the e-mail address. This is a shame because it’s a really cool domain, but also because I haven’t been writing the way I meant to write, not really.  I have an extensive LiveJournal, but mostly it’s all reports about my life and venting of frustration, which is fine, but I really meant to do more with my writing.

So, here we are, somewhere new.  I’ve changed quite a lot in the last three years.  The fellow who wrote all those LJ entries and wasted this domain, wasted much else, is dead.  It’s time for something different.  I just wish I hadn’t put my LJ on business cards.  Fuck.

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