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Jun 5

Lyrics and what-not… and a game! II

So, seeing that nobody won my lyrics game, though lots of folks viewed it, perhaps the game’s a little too rough. I’m going to give away a few answers to see if we can’t get a winner…

Here’s the lyrics list, with a few answers filled-in. I don’t want to make it too easy. C’non, people, hit the google machine! I want somebody to win!

But I got a message from the hummingbird, he gave me a warning in disguise… 

Just one question before I pack, when you fuck it up later do I get my money back? – Aimee Mann, How Am I Different?, Bachelor No. 2 (Or, The Last Remains of the Dodo)

I love you for what I am not, I did not want what I have got…

Won’t you follow me down to the Rose Parade…

Oh it’s all just a lost cause… – Priscilla Ahn, Lost Cause, When You Grow Up

Drinking champagne from a paper cup is never quite the same and every sip’s moving through my eyes and…

Don’t you know that I love you? Sometimes I feel like only a cold still life, only a frozen still life… that fell down here to lay beside you. – Elliott Smith, Angel in the Snow, New Moon

Like I said, the first person to note the…


Song title


.…for each song wins a bundle of three of my favorite records, The Both, Either/Or Extended Edition, and Mental Illness via the iTunes Store.

Just leave your guesses in the comments for this post. Comments left on Facebook, or Twitter, or my e-mail, or anywhere else don’t count.


5 Comments so far

  1. Eve June 5th, 2017 6:45 pm

    Hi Mike!

    Just found your post with story and quizz!

    Here goes:

    1- Artist The Both. Song: Hummingbird, album: The Both.
    2- Artist Aimee Mann, song: How am I different? Album Bachelor No 2
    3- Artist : Nirvana. Song: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter. Album In Utero
    4- Artist Elliot Smith. Song: Rose Parade. Album: Either/Or. (love that album!)
    5- Artist Priscilla Ahn. Song: Lost Cause Album When You Grow Up.
    6- Artist Death Cab For Cutie. Song: Champagne from a Paper Cup. Album You Can Play These Songs with Chords.
    7- Artist Elliot Smith. Song Angel in the Snow, Album: New Moon. (love that album too:D)

    Hope that sums it up! Did I make it?!

  2. Shawn June 5th, 2017 6:59 pm

    Your music is waaaaaay out f my league!

  3. Amy June 5th, 2017 8:32 pm

    Oh wow! Those are three great albums! Good choice.

  4. michael June 5th, 2017 10:29 pm

    Eve: You absolutely made it! That was spectacular!

    Just e-mail me at and the records are yours!


  5. Eve June 6th, 2017 8:51 am

    Coooool!!Thanks Mike!

    There`s nothing like waking up to read you`re a winner;-)

    Looking forward to listen to your selection of albums.

    Kind regards, Eve