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A Good Twitter Night

August 29th, 2013 | Category: Life,Opinions,Thoughts on Music,Thoughts on Writing

So, last night was a good night on Twitter

Aimee Mann favorites one of my tweets, again!

Aimee Mann favorites one of my tweets, again!

It’s so cool that today we really have a shot at interacting with our heroes. I count song-writers, only the best song-writers, in the same vein as novelists. To me, song-writers are akin to flash-fiction writers, and good flash is just as powerful as any novel. Aimee Mann is one of my top six writer heroes, her use of craft is beautiful. Her words make me want to push my craft as far as I possibly can, then just a little further. Many of her words are etched into my skin, they’re always with me, they’re that important to me.

I’ve met Aimee in person once, and she was totally kind, totally, just, real. I’ve also gotten to tweet with her a bunch of times, she remembered me from seven years ago, she’s always absolutely nice, and three times now… she has favorited something I wrote! I swear, each time is so exciting, I could just fall over.

Yes, I’m a nerd.

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What to write?

August 13th, 2013 | Category: Life

What to write? I don’t know. I used to have things to say, or maybe I just had things that I felt were worth saying. Maybe I just have no one left to give any words, and it’s all just too much loss to bear. I mean, yes, we writers like putting everything on a big stage, put it all out for anyone to read. Though, we often do it for just one person. We want this person to read our words, know our souls, and love us for it.

What’s the point without that person?


WordPress 3.6

August 03rd, 2013 | Category: Life

So, we are now running WordPress 3.6. Whenever I do the “auto-update,” I always skip the backup steps, I never backup my WordPress files, or my database. اربح مال من الانترنت Whenever I upgrade WordPress, there’s always a TINY chance that something will go terribly wrong and destroy the blog. موقع مراهنات When my database needs upgraded, I think to myself, “If the power went out right now…” Still, no backups. Why? Faith in the process? Laziness? It’s a little of both. I also feel like this blog is going to end when it’s supposed to end. العاب ربح نقود حقيقية