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Deranged? Probably!

February 07th, 2015 | Category: Life,Random Thought

So, there’s this online card game, HearthStone, it’s based in the lore of Warcraft. All the cards are characters from the Warcraft universe, as are the Heroes. Basically, you use your cards to protect your Hero, while trying to ultimately kill the enemy Hero. It’s a game that’s brilliantly simple to learn, yet has astonishing depth. It quickly joined the ranks of eSports, games that people quite literally play professionally… for money. Lots of money. For example. November 2015 is the HearthStone World Championship, where players battle it out for $100,000, and a snazzy trophy. No, I didn’t accidentally add a few zeroes, the stakes are that high. There’s a live audience, and online viewers around the world. I’m aware, it’s crazy… and I’ve made it my goal to qualify.

Me winning a match:

It’s definitely a bold goal, deranged even, but it’s also totally possible. I’ll post videos as I rank higher… or I’ll just fail spectacularly and note that too.