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Tattoo writings

August 05th, 2019 | Category: Life

So, I currently have 95 tattoos, but I’ve posted only 85. A sorry state of affairs, I know. It’s just, I’ve been pretty… down these past seven-ish years, and while I love my tattoos, have chosen each one with care, I guess I quit caring about documenting them. Though, that isn’t really true, I do care, quite a lot. I care about writing, I care about the blog, I care about maintaining this sort of live memoir. Sadness is a tricky, awful business. I want to shutter said business, lock up and go home. Of course, it’s not as easy as all that, as easy as metaphorical keys and tumblers turning and locks locking away the sads. I want to go home, but when home is a person, it’s not as simple as asking some passerby directions once you’ve lost your way.

Documenting the tattoos, however, is simple. Ten pictures, ten posts, ten days.