My Whole Expanse I Cannot See…

I formulate infinity stored deep inside of me…

Jan 15

Wet for you

You wake to lips on your neck, gently caressing, searching. Cold fingers on your chest, sliding toward your shoulders, pinning you down.

Her long dark hair’s in your face, tiny curls tickling your nose, her tongue wrapped around yours.

She’s already naked, already wet for you, from you. Her breasts, her body, pressed hard against you, her legs hugging your waist.

She’s going to take you inside her, she’ll hold you there, deeply. You’ll come deep in her, sooner rather than later, whether you want to or not. She’s taken you past the place of choice.

You can’t breathe, or speak. Her teeth tore into your throat, ripped out your tongue.

You’re inside her and she’s soaking wet, wet with your blood.

You’ve never been with a woman like her, nor will you ever be again.


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  1. Veronica January 15th, 2011 8:51 am


    Just wow.

    Once first starting reading it, it seems like just another seductive poetry/text in the erotica category. But it’s so much more than that. It’s dark and she drags you into the trap of this bloody seduction as a reader too. I love this. Really inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Greetings from Norway

  2. Alex January 19th, 2011 11:52 pm

    Write a fucking book, sir! I just saw your episode of TAL, and I don’t know if it was just hearing Johnny Depp read your words, but I found myself wishing that you were a writer. Now that I find that you are, you can count me as one of your fans.

  3. Jeff February 14th, 2011 3:05 am

    Crap, I’m way gay and I still thought this was creamy and wonderful. (Sorry, prolly too much info.)

  4. RB February 24th, 2011 12:39 pm

    Wow. I second that comment to write a book. Your ability to articulate and captivate the reader is outstanding. Your verses are still circling my head.

  5. RB February 24th, 2011 12:41 pm

    One more thing…..your words are like art on the wall, the pictures they compose leave a lasting impression in my head!

  6. liz December 22nd, 2011 10:39 pm

    I googled Alanis tattoos, since at the age of 26 I contemplating getting my first tattoo and Alanis is my absolute favorite artist of all time. I stumbled upon your blog as a result, and I am captivated. From your many tattoos all mostly of lyrics of amazingly strong (female)singer songwriters, to you composing this magnificently articulated, completely intriguing blog, to finding out that your writing and blogging and basically everything you do is all from the delicate tap of a thumb, wow.
    You are accomplishing way more with one painted fingernailed thumb than I am accomplishing with all 10 working fingers.
    I watched your tal after reading you talk about it on here and I was completely astounded. Your episode was way too short, there needs to be more out there about your story, because your story might be the most fascinating story I have ever come across. Keep writing, and if by chance you have another opportunity to share your story, your childhood, your day to day, take that opportunity because you have many fans and cyber supporters who would benefit from it.