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Not feeling it: Anything/everything

May 20th, 2015 | Category: Life

I’m just not feeling it today. What exactly is “it?” Anything/everything.

Tomorrow, though, I actually do have something planned.


Slow day…

June 30th, 2008 | Category: Life,Random Thought

It’s kind of a slow day here in Tampa. I intended a more interesting day, but sometimes schedules break no matter what a fellow does. It’s a little disturbing in an existential kind of way. I have way too much time for idle thought, so when plans and schedules break I always have an hour or so of, Fuck it, things happen no matter what I do. Why bother planning ANYTHING? Then, of course, I stop being ridiculous and I do something else. I get frustrated, more so now, because before I do anything from errands to a movie, I commit everything to paper. The plans go on a calendar, then I write out rather detailed notes about the specific things I want to do. I try to think as far ahead as possible. I don’t write in a rough or demanding tone, I try to write how I would talk. I could be more abrupt, or generic, or short, which could definitely save me typing time, but I just don’t feel right doing so. So, I write things like…

So, today we’re going for a nice breakfast at Pach’s Place. Then, we’re off to PetSmart to buy… a fish!

This is going to seem crazy, but while we’re out, everywhere we go, I want you to take pictures, lots of pictures. Pictures of me at places, the places themselves, food we order, nice people, anything interesting. If we photograph a person, ask if it’s okay, tell them I’d like to potentially use it for a blog and give them my card. The camera’s in my J.Crew bag, the cards are in my wallet.

Speaking of my card, I want to give it out like crazy, especially at places I’m a “regular.” Give it to friendly servers, managers, bartenders, valets, anybody who’s generally nice that we meet.  We’ll start today and refine the process.

In the side pocket of my J.Crew bag is a little black notebook and a pen, I want you to write down the letters when we do the alphabet. 

Before we go, clip my Shuffle to my right wrist and do the headphones in the van. All my iPod stuff is in the Crown Royal Bag in the armoire. Ask me about the volume level, I want it soft enough so we can still talk.  Also ask if the headphones are in right. 

Things to bring:

• J.Crew bag

• Suction

• A glass syringe

• Battery (a fresh one)

• A wash-room device (keep it in the J.Crew bag just in case)

• Nirvana beanie cap

• iPod Shuffle+Headphones

Pach’s Place:

• Bowl of grits with maple syrup and an empty bowl

• Cup of hot water

• Cup of black decaf

• Tell me their juices

• Anything you like

Just take some grits and mix them in the empty bowl with some hot water.


• Betta fish kit

• Betta fish

Let’s put the fish somewhere by my tv.

When we’re all done, just rinse the suction and syringe, put stuff away, and charge the battery.  Make sure that you don’t forget to bring in the hose, they get squishy in the summer heat.  You totally rule!

The general events go on a printed and online calendar, then I write the specific notes and print those. Two things tend to vex me, probably a little more than they should. Obviously, big things like today are troubling, “Oh, I didn’t realize you’d need the van so early. I didn’t read everything you wrote.” That’s… frustrating. It also drives me crazy when I write these missives and people flat out miss things on the list. My assistants are definitely better about the lists (hi assistants!), but others… I could write, “and I definitely want to wear my Nirvana baseball cap,” fifty times and that cap wouldn’t end up on my head. On the other hand, I’m absolutely elated when what I write gets followed, I get such a bang out of it. It quells my existential fear that nothing I do really matters.