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Jun 18

Wrong? Unpossible!

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So, according to this, my bit of Apple Watch prognostication is totally stupidly, mind-blowingly wrong.

Part of it doesn’t make sense to me… The article I linked says, next year Apple will release a 2nd generation Watch with its own wi-fi chip, thus eliminating the iPhone go-between… Doesn’t the Watch have a wi-fi chip RIGHT NOW? It can join previously used wi-fi networks WITHOUT the iPhone being present.

If the watch has a wi-fi chip, and it DOES, isn’t it capable of independent use if the OS allows? 1xbet موقع

Really, if I’m wrong, comment.

Am I stupid?


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  1. Bill Binko June 19th, 2015 12:01 am

    Well, you’re certainly not stupid – whether you’re wrong or not is probably a matter of degree.

    From this: it seems that the Apple Watch DOES have a WiFi chip in it and and antenna, but does all configuration and negotiation over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) with the iPhone.

    This makes some amount of sense since you kind-of need a user interface to enter keys etc. It’s also probably much cheaper since you don’t need the chip on the watch to be able to do WPA2 key negotiation which is pretty CPU-intensive.

    So it looks like Apple took a short-cut and didn’t put a wifi chip on the watch that had the power necessary to do all the negotiations & such and offloads that work to the iPhone. Once that is setup, the watch can stay connected even if the iPhone shuts off, etc. It would stand to reason that once the keys expire it would have to reach out to the phone again.

    I hope this helps,

  2. michael June 19th, 2015 12:30 am

    Bill: Still, couldn’t the OS be made to provide the UI to configure a network? I mean, wouldn’t the supposed Apple Watch 2 and its supposed new chip have the SAME problem? No chip can auto detect a network’s password, that would make security pointless. So, doesn’t it all come back to the OS providing the right UI?