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Out and about with Apple Watch

June 22nd, 2015 | Category: Life,Opinions
Apple Watch, now with the Classic Dutch Leather Buckle Band

Apple Watch, now with the Classic Dutch Leather Buckle Band

So, before Father’s Day Dinner my brother and I went to the Apple Store to pick up a new band for my Apple Watch. If I had any actual gripe with my Watch it was with the included Sport Band. See, I have very sensitive, new-born infant-esque skin, earned through thirty-four years of no manual labor, and exposure to the sun only when absolutely necessary. Personally, I prefer to describe my skin as “vampiric.” At any rate, yes, I have very sensitive skin that did not get along with the Sport Band.

First off, the Sport Band’s rubbery material, especially in black, made my wrist very hot, and itchy. I always had little blotchy spots of heat rash.

Second, the metal clasp left a cut on my arm after wearing it for only a few days. I’m not above suffering for fashion, but this was a bit much, and a rubbery watchband isn’t exactly high-fashion.

Fortunately, in true Apple-style, changing bands is elegantly simple, no jeweler with tiny tools required. I chose the Classic Buckle type of band, and left the store wearing it. Though I have the low-end Sport body, it certainly doesn’t look “low end,” everything Apple sells is art that happens to be technology. No matter the watch body, all the bands look well-suited. My leather band, Dutch leather band with a swanky stainless-steel buckle, looks like it belonged with my Aluminum Space Gray Sport body all along. The leather itself feels so decadent, so soft I hardly feel like I’m wearing anything at all.

If you got a Sport Band and don’t like it, or maybe just want something a bit more sophisticated, the Classic Buckle is a fine fashion upgrade for your Apple Watch.

While we were out, we also got the Watch paired to the car audio-system via Bluetooth. It took some tinkering, but after that, it worked beautifully. My music sounded spectacular, it just seemed so cool to have Aimee Mann, Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Alanis Morissette, all my favorite artists playing in my car through my WATCH. It’s so BADASS! Also, it’s really neat that when leaving the vehicle the music stops, then picks up right where it left off when the vehicle is started again.

I enjoy my Watch a little more every day, and I only see that like growing stronger as watchOS and its ecosystem of apps continue to evolve.

Oh, and I’m so not done writing about the Watch and wi-fi… At least, not until I’ve made one more post, or three, or twelve…

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