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Jan 30

My Bloody Valentine 3D

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So, I missed a post, broke the streak. I’m not particularly upset about it, as I did come very close to my goal. I missed it because I ended up getting back late from a movie and dinner with my friend, Sarah, and my assistant, Sarah. Dinner at Cafe Bohemia was excellent. The movie, however, was the polar-opposite of excellent.

My Bloody Valentine 3D is one of the absolute worst pieces of garbage I’ve seen in awhile. It’s basically gore porn with a really boring story, I guessed the film’s brilliant “twist” quite early. We’ve seen it before, in better movies. Yes, it’s in 3D, but even a pair of Cobain-esque 3D glasses cannot fix a tedious and worthless story.

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  1. josh January 30th, 2009 10:08 am

    You know, I just saw this with my ex-gf a couple of days ago. I enjoyed the sex and the naked chick running around in 3D… other than that and a couple of cool “eye-popping” effects, you are right… it’s pretty lame. I can think of at least a dozen different twists they could have easily done that would have been better!