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January 20th, 2009 | Category: Life

Back in December, when I was “exhausted,” I had a talk with a psychologist. I was explaining why I felt like killing myself and what-not, typing it all out at a rather decent rate. During this chat she said to me, “you know, you should use abbreviations, it’d be much faster. Try things like grl frnd, or how r u?” I felt so astonishingly frustrated and out of place.  

Obviously, I’ve thought about shortcuts. Obviously, they’ve been suggested before. I just can’t make myself use them. Words and language are really important to me. The way I express myself best is in words. My voice might be gone, but I still have written language. I never “spoke” incorrectly, so now that the alphabet is all I have, I can’t make myself use it incorrectly. It might be easier, faster, but I can’t lose such an important part of myself. 

I really do worry that I’m tedious to people, everyday, almost every conversation. I just hope people understand, understand that I can’t give up another thing that I love, words.