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In a dream

January 30th, 2009 | Category: Creative Flash

She comes to me in a dream, so beautiful, so real. She’s lying next to me, holding me close, gorgeous eyes smiling. Her lips are warm and soft, kissing my neck. She tells me she misses me, she’s glad to be with me. I want her so badly, I miss her too, every-day. I’m happy to be with her, but it doesn’t last. I’m not there, she’s not there, it’s an illusion and I know it. I tell her it’s a dream, and she says it’s not. I tell her I have to wake up, and she says I don’t. I want to believe her, but I can’t. Reality is bleeding through, a reality I don’t want.

I wake up, wishing I hadn’t.

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My Bloody Valentine 3D

January 30th, 2009 | Category: Opinions

So, I missed a post, broke the streak. I’m not particularly upset about it, as I did come very close to my goal. I missed it because I ended up getting back late from a movie and dinner with my friend, Sarah, and my assistant, Sarah. Dinner at Cafe Bohemia was excellent. The movie, however, was the polar-opposite of excellent.

My Bloody Valentine 3D is one of the absolute worst pieces of garbage I’ve seen in awhile. It’s basically gore porn with a really boring story, I guessed the film’s brilliant “twist” quite early. We’ve seen it before, in better movies. Yes, it’s in 3D, but even a pair of Cobain-esque 3D glasses cannot fix a tedious and worthless story.

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