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Jun 9

$9.99 now

I just want to say that everyone involved with the film, Rise: Blood Hunter, owes me $9.99 right now. Obviously, I take some responsibility for the loss of my $9.99, I was bored and a little muddle-headed, but the fact remains that Rise: Blood Hunter is the absolute most boring vampire movie ever made. At least BloodRayne was so astonishingly bad that it was hilarious. I’d take hysterically awful over mind-numbingly dull any day.

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  1. Jenny June 9th, 2008 6:34 pm

    The astonishingly so bad that it’s funny – I felt that exact way about “The Lost Kingdom”. At least, I think that’s what it’s called. The new Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie. While there was some kick ass martial arts, the plot was…well, absent.