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Women and tattoos

September 06th, 2009 | Category: Life,Opinions

A reader, Ariel, suggested a really fun writing topic…

“I’d like to read about your thoughts on tattooed women… do you like the art, the commitment to content, and the permanence? Or do you prefer a pristine, petal-soft, blank canvas”

I’m a fellow who really likes and gets along with women. Pretty much all my close friends are women, I find it easier to relate to women. I can talk about “guy things,” sports and whatever, I can get along with anyone. Still, I feel more like myself more often around women than other fellows. It’s definitely not my goal to sleep with every woman I meet. If that connection’s not there, it’s not there, and it’s obvious when it’s not. Being friends with a woman isn’t difficult or awkward. If that connection is there, she really can’t be against tattoos.

I happen to be rather fond of tattoos, I have twenty-six and counting. I think tattoos, and the reasons behind tattoos can be pretty fascinating. Liking tattoos as much as I do, women with inked skin definitely catch my eye, but I can’t say that I prefer a tattooed woman to a lady with pristine skin. I’m attracted to smart women with beautiful eyes. If there’s a spark between me and a woman, and she happens to have ink, it’s definitely hot, but it’s definitely not a necessity.