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“The Obama Paradox”

August 03rd, 2010 | Category: Life,Opinions

I’ve never written about politics here before, but something’s really bothering me, there’s something going on in America that’s really upsetting me. That thing is, “The Obama Paradox,” I didn’t coin that term, I heard it on the Rachel Maddow Show. It’s a term that illustrates the fact that the reality of the Obama Administration doesn’t match public perception. His approval rating kind of sucks, people are unhappy with him. The perception is that President Obama isn’t really doing anything. He was supposed to do things, big important things, but apparently he isn’t, I guess. I guess Republicans and Democrats were supposed to come together in some orgy of cooperation, every American was supposed to ride to their kick-ass awesome new job on a unicorn, we were all supposed to be awash in a sea of bliss, but since those things haven’t exactly happened, President Obama, well, sucks. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to follow the facts.

The facts are these, President Obama took office in the middle of a disaster caused by eight years of BAD decisions by the previous administration. Our economy was on the brink of  collapse, on the brink of a second Great Depression. It’s been his job to dig us out of that mess, and in a really ugly political climate. Republicans do not like him, they’re not pleased that they lost the election. With all this against him, his administration has managed to pass record amounts of landmark legislation. The Obama Administration passed sweeping Wall Street reform, Student Loan reform, Health Care reform, a new Hate Crimes law (something that so many others have tried and failed), a very important Stimulus Package that’s actually working, that included the largest middle-class tax-cut in U.S. history, he’s done all these things and more in under half a term.

President Obama is doing things, really important historical things. If he has a fault, it’s that he’s too subtle about his accomplishments. He doesn’t have a giant PR machine touting his achievements. While the right-wing media slams him with lies, he quietly continues his work rather than get mixed up in some PR smack-down. So, give President Obama some credit, he’s definitely earned it.