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An actual e-mail

August 26th, 2012 | Category: Life

So, this is an actual e-mail that I wrote in response to another e-mail regarding sensors that I use with my NeuroSwitch… The point? Self-amusement in the face of…?

Yeah, there’s a fellow downtown, he sells hot dogs and snow-cones during the day, closes up around 5 PM, goes home to see the wife and kid. They play Wii-Fit for an hour before dinner, tater-tots, lasagna, raspberry Jell-O for desert. It’s the same meal every night, but they like it, like the routine. He helps the kid with his algebra, usually from 8-9:30. Kid’s in 8th grade, not so sharp at math. After the kid turns in around 10, the fellow opens a bottle of wine, not astonishingly expensive, but not cheap, never cheap. Then, he and the Mrs. have their “alone time.” I won’t describe that in the same detail as I have other things because we’re in mixed company, but everybody falls asleep happy if you get what I mean. At around 1:30 AM a little alrm sounds from his neon green SWATCH watch, which means it’s time for his night job, selling crack, smack, pot, heroin, and medical-grade electrodes in an alley behind the Republic Bank building.

I probably got them from him.