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October 30th, 2012 | Category: Life

I’m, sick in the hospital. Scared


What’s to write?

October 16th, 2012 | Category: Life

I’m very political lately, it’s the only thing in my head that feels worth writing right now.

Anything is better than nothing, no?

Everyone I love is gone, everything I loved about my life is gone. What’s to write?

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About the 2012 Election: We’re Supposed to Be a Shining City on a Hill

October 15th, 2012 | Category: Life,Opinions
I could throw up a bunch of numbers and links and figures about how Democrats are better than Republicans on any issue I prefer. Both sides can do that until we all drop dead. So, I look at this election as follows…

If elected President, which candidate is most likely to HURT me.

Well, President Obama has put forth legislation to expand health care, to protect and expand Medicaid and Medicaid Services. As a person who is astonishingly physically disabled, such services are ESSENTIAL to my continued life on this planet.

Mitt Romney’s proposed policies aim to cut health care, to decimate Medicaid and Medicaid Services. He wants to lower our deficit by harming a group of people. He aims to break a promise that our founding fathers made to every single American Citizen, we were all guaranteed the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Destroying Medicaid destroys a person with disabilities’ chance to have chances that are promised to everyone born in this country.

America is supposed to be a shining city on a hill, a place of learning and morality and freedom. A place that protects its people, not just the wealthy and the powerful, but also the sick, the not so fortunate. America was founded with ideas and values and principals about protecting the citizens who need protecting, because doing so is the moral thing to do. Balancing a budget on the backs’ of people who need protecting, hurting some people to help others isn’t moral, doesn’t reflect American values.

Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to care about that shining city on a hill. President Obama has proven, at least to me, that he does.
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If the States are so great…

October 04th, 2012 | Category: Life,Opinions

So, something about Governor Romney that makes me mind-numbingly angry is his assertion that State Government needs less, and in many cases, no Federal oversight. The idea makes me upset to the point of desiring violence against the proponents of said idea.

If States are so great, why did the Federal Government have to end slavery?

If States are so great, why did the Federal Government have to end segregation?

If States are so great, why did the Federal Government have to ensure the disabled access to Public Education?

The Federal Government exists to hold States to a standard, to a level of protection for all Americans. History shows us exactly how necessary Federal intervention is, because States have literally hurt people when left to their own devices. This is just fact, it’s like knowing that the sky is blue.

The thought of leaving Medicaid to the hands of each state is especially upsetting. Florida is a prime example of why Medicaid needs more Federal oversight, not less, let alone none. For some reason, we elected a criminal to be our Governor. Rick Scott made his fortune defrauding the Health Care System, resigning as CEO of his health care company before he could be held legally responsible for anything. Well, he, being of such astonishingly high moral caliber, has decimated Medicaid funding for programs that allow disabled people to live in their communities independently, happily. I got cut by 70%, had to say good-bye to my personal assistants, and thus, my entire life. Good-bye. coffee-shop. Good-bye, movie theaters. Good-bye, girlfriend. Good-bye, favorite bar. Good-bye, everything. According to the new rules, “it’s the responsibility of” my “family to provide access to the community out of love and concern for” my “well-being.” So, I’m supposed to go to the bar with my mom. Oh, wait, my case manager e-mailed to suggest, “your brother can come and you can have a nice Sunday afternoon out on the porch.” My mom isn’t young anymore. My brother’s married, works a crazy busy office job. Now, they’re doing my care 24/7, which is really 85% my mom. We get no help. Oh, wait, the State is lately spending two-ish THOUSAND dollars a week on an ambulance service to whisk me away to “medically necessary appointments.” They strap me to a gurney like Doctor Lecter, it’s great. I used to employe college kids who NEEDED my pay, now the State pays ambulances roughly $700 PER MEDICAL APPOINTMENT, whereas an assistant would get $45 for a three hour appointment. They’re not saving money by cutting my services, they’re just funneling it and a lot more toward the medical industry. Their goal is to have me, and people like me living in hospitals and institutions. It costs more up front, but the gamble is that we die way quicker, and folks like Rick Scott make a sweet cut somewhere along the way. If Scott had full control over Medicaid thanks to Romney… I don’t even want to write the words.

I WANT intelligent, moral, kind people like President Obama to be able to see State-level corruption, and have the power to fix it. I wish he could see me, how I employed people, college kids, how I was contributing to my local economy, how I lived a normal little life. Now, it’s all gone, and for what?