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WordPress 4.3: Site Icons!

August 20th, 2015 | Category: Life

So, it took me a few extra days to unveil that fancy feature I mentioned, but we’re here now… let’s do this.

WordPress 4.3 introduces something to make WordPress sites stand out against the generic unsophisticated masses, something high-end sites have had for years… Site Icons! Whenever you Bookmark or Favorite or whatever the word is that your browser of choice uses for saving a site you want to visit again and again at your leisure, that site gets saved with an icon. For instance, gets saved with their famous logo, the now monochromatic apple with a whimsical bite taken out of it. Other sites, smaller sites, generally get some sort of generic placeholder icon. My blog had said placeholder icon. Had, past tense, no more.

My blog is the icon labeled, "Blog"

My blog is the icon labeled, “Blog”

My blog now has a shiny unique Site Icon.

Thank you WordPress 4.3!

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