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Apr 21

Kindle for Mac

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So, last month Amazon released their test version of Kindle for Mac, allowing Kindle eBooks to be read on Mac desktops and laptops. I’ve been reading eBooks since the beginning, and Kindle for Mac is definitely the nicest eBook software I’ve ever used. It’s not even feature-complete, yet the current feature-set is totally enough to crush other eBook formats. For example, the Kindle app is tied to a user’s Amazon account. If one purchases a book on say, Kindle for iPad, that book gets synced to Kindle for Mac. So, one can have their entire eBook library on-hand on any device running Kindle software. I have multiple Macs, so it’s really nice being able to have my library whether I’m on my home Mac or my travel Mac. The Kindle apps also have a feature called, WhisperSync, which allows one to start reading a book on one device, then pick up exactly where they left off on another. I love being able to read a book out on the town, then pick it up on my home Mac without losing my place.

The biggest attraction to Kindle, however, is the book selection. I’ve been able to find just about every book I ever wanted. Just about… Michael Cisco isn’t published in Kindle-form, which was quite a let-down, but he’s the only author I haven’t been able to find. Maybe one day, I hope.

At any rate, until Apple releases an iBooks app for Mac OS X, I’m all about Kindle for Mac.

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  1. CountessM June 28th, 2010 11:08 am

    Being a huge librophile,I love having all newer books in my iPad. I am still a purist in the sense that nothing looks or feels better than a hardbound book.something that my beloved grandfather Armando instilled in me.

    But the holding a book issue has become problematic, so Kindke and iBooks is a Godsend for me. I like kindle, but LOVE iBooks for the mere reason that I can just type in a word I need a definition for, or a portion of the book I want to cross reference.

    I like having the ability to read books on either apps.