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Jul 6


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My closet

It’s not particularly exciting, really, it’s a rather dull thing to write about, nevertheless, here goes. We organized my closet today, bagged a bunch of shirts for Goodwill, hung the rest nice and pretty. Lauren (my assistant) is a spectacular organizer, which I like, I like things pretty. I love throwing “stuff” away, I’ll never end up on Hoarders, I don’t keep socks from when I was seven because that’s the day Elmo, my gold fish died, and so I don’t want to forget him. “Stuff,” I enjoy tossing, it’s freeing.

I keep words though, I have e-mail from 2003, I can’t trash that like “stuff” in my closet. I have first e-mails, last e-mails, from people who are gone, people I don’t want gone. I never go back and read any of them, I wouldn’t feel anything happy, but I can’t lose them. They’re things that happened, perfect little pictures of places I wanted to stay, so I keep them. I’ll never not keep them. “Stuff” isn’t important, not like words, not ever as important as, “Goodnight, I love you…”

So, I keep the words, everything else can burn for all I care.


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  1. Skye July 6th, 2011 11:20 pm

    So interesting that you wrote this because tonight I got sucked into watching Hoarders on Netflix and I was thinking how I am like the anti-hoarder. I LOVE getting rid of *stuff* It is freeing and cleansing. I really dislike too much clutter.

  2. Otávio Pacheco July 7th, 2011 3:43 pm

    It’s funny that you start writing about your closet and end up writing about so deep thoughts like keeping words while the time’s passing by. And for coincidence this last 2 weeks I’m spending part of my working time organizing my old HDs (six of my old pc, dusty and abandoned since I’ve started with mac) and my stuff inside them, that I cannot get rid, so I’m starting to organize to not lose… I’ve been reading old writings yesterday and this morning, and sometimes it’s very sad things to read…