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Feb 9

Today today

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So, today I woke up and gave myself a bath in the backyard, spending an extra hour just licking the back of my neck. God, the ecstasy. Then, I took my usual six-hour nap under the big shady tree. This might seem lazy, but licking the back of one’s neck for an hour is kind of exhausting, and I’ll be honest, since being honest is what I’ve been hired to do, a little orgasmic. All a fellow wants to do is nap.

There’s this other cat, Tom, he’s such a douche. He lives in a tree behind my house. Literally, in the tree. I have to give him credit, living in a tree’s pretty intense, but I think it’s more that he’s socially awkward rather than enlightened. He’s always talking about the time he lit out, he’s always saying things like “lit out,” about the time he lit out on some river-raft with this black cat, Jim. It’s like, “Tom, nobody cares that the river was powerful slow, or how the nights were powerful dark. You’re a pretentious douche.” Nobody says this to his face, of course, but we think it. I sleep under his tree is why I mention him, he always gets me after naps, telling his adventures.

Anyway, more tomorrow about tomorrow.

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  1. Monica February 9th, 2012 8:22 pm


    First of all, this is not an accurate description of what you did today. Mostly, you whined about my not giving you enough food.

    Secondly, you were posing on the bench. You weren’t under a tree.

    That said, Tom is a douche, and luckily he doesn’t have the Internet, nor the wherewithal to even find your post if he did.

    See you at 6 in the am. I’ll try not to trip over you. Turkey Florentine?