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Mar 29

Help: Lost Movies

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I’m not dead, I have to start writing again. I miss it here.

Anyways, first…

I know this is a LONG SHOT, but I need some help if anybody has it. I accidentally (stupidly) deleted a bunch of iTunes movies, movies that I can’t even re-buy because iTunes quit carrying them. My THEORY is that if I could just get the files back I could make them work.

So, does anybody have any of the following….

The Adjustment Bureau
Jane Eyre (2011) HD
Paul (Unrated) HD
Pulp Fiction
Shattered Glass
Somewhere (2011) HD
X-Men 2
X-Men: First Class HD
Water For Elephants

If so, please write,

Thank you!

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  1. LJ April 1st, 2012 11:20 pm

    So glad to see a post here! I showed an episode of “This American Life” to my sophomore English students a few months back. In helping them write a recent essay, we came across your personal site — very exciting, considering what an inspiration you are. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those movies, but I am eager for future posts!!!