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Jul 30

I am alive!

Category: Life

So, WordPress is kind enough to track the search terms used to find my blog. Lots of people find me searching about tattoos, or song lyrics, or tattoos involving song lyrics. Some of the searches are really bizarre, the weirdest (so far) involved having intimate relations with a “trach hole.” Whoever you are that searched that, I think you should schedule appointments with several kinds of doctors. Generally, though, people are searching for me directly, because of the This American Life episode. People search, and find me. Finding me looks pretty straightforward, but… one search caught my eye…

“is mike phillips from this american life alive”

Yes, as of July 30th, 2014, I am pretty much, alive. Thank you for your search, whoever, I will let you know (but not really, if you think about it) of any changes regarding my living.

Watch this space.


2 Comments so far

  1. Georgette July 31st, 2014 8:35 am

    And that is wonderful news!

  2. John July 31st, 2014 9:51 am

    I was about to fess up to it being me, but then I realized I would have used Michael instead of ‘Mike’. 🙂

    I can’t take credit for the trach search though… That’s just messed up…

    Bottom line is that you have a lot of fans and people who truly care about you. The TAL episode was so moving…

    You hook us with TAL, but you keep us on the line with your amazing writing and insights. This is one of my favorite entries to date!