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Jul 29

So many faces!

Nobody ever suspects… the butterfly.

Nobody ever suspects… the butterfly.

Here comes the sun…

Here comes the sun…

No, this isn’t now The Apple Watch Blog, I’m just not done being amused by and experimenting with its myriad of faces. They’re all so stylish, yet functional. Though, I do tend to lean toward the faces that are just straight-up pretty, rather than those that show current stock prices, the current time in London, the current moon phase, and so on. I’ve always been a sensualist.

Also, I wanted to test the camera on my new iPod touch. The new touch is really spectacular, it’s what I’ve wanted from the beginning; an elegantly portable iPod that shoots 1080p video and gorgeous still pictures, oh and it runs apps, does everything internet-related, and brews a good cup of coffee. We’re talking gourmet French-roast, not Sanka.

Anyway, enough rambling.

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  1. Ed Pohl August 1st, 2015 12:54 pm

    Michael, I like both of the Apple Watch faces you showed; one is beautiful and the other would be very useful to me, especially in the winter when I need to get as much as possible done during daylight hours.

    I followed your link to look at the features of the iPod touch. I’m not much more tech-savvy than some of my Amish neighbors, but doesn’t the latest iPhone model do all the same things (plus make phone calls)? What’s the advantage of carrying a second device?

    Speaking of music, I saw Lake Street Dive in a concert at a local park recently, and especially liked their version of this song: