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Nov 1

This has to stop…

So, politics can be rough. I mean, a guy nearly beat another guy to death on the House floor in 1856. I’ve never thought politics was all Hello Kitty pillow fights, but I’ve never thought of politics as crude, or low. Politics is important, our lives change because of politics. I’ve always felt that the political process is noble, even beautiful, and Donald Trump is tainting that beauty. He has made it “truly American” to look at all Muslims as terrorists, to mock people with disabilities, to shout profanities at journalists, to say abhorrent things about women, because not doing such things makes you part of the traditional political establishment, and the traditional political establishment is astonishingly evil. The “establishment” is corrupt, it’s full of greed, and liars. So, if you call a lady journalist a lying whore, you’re just being a “straight talker,” you’re a patriot fighting for American ideals.

Trump has made things like this okay…


When calling a journalist “disgusting whore,” becomes an expected part of American political discourse, something has slipped over the edge.

Something has slipped over the edge. Trump supporters say awful things about women because their candidate said such things first. If a man running for President of the United States can say a lady journalist isn’t making a valid point because she “had blood coming out of her wherever,” and still become President, something has gone really wrong. Donald Trump has normalized behavior that would otherwise be considered base, and vile, and unacceptable. We cannot allow Trumpism to become day-to-day political conversation, his words cannot become things parents pass to their children.

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  1. Georgette November 2nd, 2016 2:22 pm

    This campaign sure has brought the true nature of some out. I’ve been disgusted and saddened at how some of my own family and friends have acted.

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