My Whole Expanse I Cannot See…

I formulate infinity stored deep inside of me…


May 23rd, 2015 | Category: Life

I’m tired, kind of down. I went to a movie and freaked out, heart pounding, struggling to breathe. I calmed myself down, but that sort of thing hasn’t happened since… pre-2005.

I’m uneasy.

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February 27th, 2011 | Category: Life

After thinking about it, I feel like I wasted the previous two posts. If I were quitting this blog, they’d be perfect. They’re just an obscure allusion to British TV that suited my mood at the time, still kind of do. I’m tired lately, but nothing’s finished, the blog isn’t finished. This blog probably won’t be finished until I am, that’s been the goal, anyway. This blog is supposed to reflect me, I’ve called it a live memoir, and I think I’ve been doing what I set out to do. Life isn’t always up, it’s a disturbing roller-coaster, and I think this blog is accurately reflecting my ride. Though, the roller-coaster metaphor is actually pretty stupid, it implies that we have absolutely no control over what happens while we’re breathing. We have free-will, just enough to make things interesting.

I have free-will, I have some control over my current… ennui. I have to get out of this.