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Jul 17

Emmy Time

Category: Life

Well, the Emmy nominations are in and This American Life is up for five, four of which are attached to my episode

That show saved me in many ways, so I’m really glad to see it so recognized. I hope my actual life lives up to the episode.


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  1. Sara July 17th, 2008 4:59 pm

    I’d like to point out that Ira gave you a writing credit on that episode, so technically you share the writing nomination, Mike.

  2. Ormolu July 17th, 2008 9:14 pm

    Here’s hoping that “Escape” sweeps the Emmys. 🙂

  3. Jaelyn July 17th, 2008 11:33 pm

    It was an incredible episode. And you were the main reason.
    I love that Ira gave you a writing credit. I think that says it all pretty much.

  4. Sam July 19th, 2008 9:13 am

    Congratulations! (I still haven’t seen the episode. I need to get on that.)

    The other thing I need to get on is seeing Autism: The Musical. Does that not sound amazing?

  5. michael July 19th, 2008 9:07 pm

    Sam, I totally agree on autism.

    Thanks all for the congrats!

  6. Shawn July 20th, 2008 4:41 pm

    Wow! Your fame outstrips my ability to express my awe. You really need an agent. (I’m only half joking there.)

    So, you know I’m a TV illiterate: when are the Emmys? (I need to show for a gown…)


  7. taylor July 27th, 2008 1:02 am

    you are a beautiful inspiration. thank you.

  8. Jodi July 28th, 2008 8:00 am

    WOW, I just saw the show(American Life) and the whole segment with you was amazing! It was very touching AND you sound like a very interesting person. Heard that you had a blog so I had to check it out, good luck with the nominations.

  9. redandjonny August 6th, 2008 11:44 pm

    Your episode was one of the greatest moments of television ever. It changed my life.

  10. AJ December 21st, 2008 11:27 pm

    Just watched the re-airing and looked up your blog. Wow, inspirational to say the least! Keep going… it’s worth it.

    FYI, I didn’t see your name in the credits under writer or otherwise though.