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A Good Experience?

July 16th, 2008 | Category: Life

So, I’ll be honest, I think that overall I’m much better at writing about bad things that happen. If zombies showed up tomorrow I’d definitely write something spectacular, whereas if the Rapture came and it turned out that God decided to just forgive and forget everything, I’d probably be inclined to ascend and not write about God being such a good sport. Still, I have to say…

I have had some really fucked up trache changes, especially the one in June. However, my last one, on Monday, was pretty spectacular. My anesthesiologist was Doctor Devenard Manger, an absolutely excellent doctor. I’ve had him before and he always treats me perfectly. He’d heard about my last astonishingly bad visit to the OR and said he’d make sure that nothing like that will ever happen again. He gave me his card and said to just let him know before I come in, he’ll make sure he personally handles every procedure. I fell asleep feeling safe and happy, which is all I really ask.

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July 16th, 2008 | Category: Random Thought

Well, it was a little harrowing, but we are up and running under WordPress 2.6! I’m really glad I backed up my old install because I screwed something up on my first two upgrade attempts. Had I lost this blog, I’d have walked off my roof, which would actually have been the most amazing suicide of all time

The Father: Wait. What happened?

Jesus: Yeah, no shit, he walked off his roof.

The Father: Wait… What?

Jesus: He. walked. off. his. roof.

The Father: You’re shitting me.

Jesus: No, Father, I’m not shitting you. He definitely walked, off his roof.

The Father: Really?

Jesus: Sigh…