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Jan 28

A conversation

Category: Life

My flat-screen tv acts as a second display for my computer, so oftentimes, when I’m talking to guests I type everything in a text box on the tv. I really hate using text-to-speech voices.

So, tonight my friends, Sarah and Celeste were over, we watched City of Ember. It was… bad. Afterward, we talked about the movie, then drifted into other things, books and our book club. Keep in mind, we’re having a conversation, but only my end is in writing.

to me, the film’s an indictment against organized religion, right? there are lots of religious parallels. totally. I never like obvious Christian parallels. like, how they ruined poor Neo. This felt like that. still, obvious Christian propoganda. :-p it’s anti-organized religion, PRO Christian spirituality. like, a better life through faith. faith in the builders, ie God. so, really, as I think about it, it’s possibly pro-practical Atheism. you’re absolutely right. there’s also a 3rd possibility. we’re both astonishingly pretentious. :-p possibly a Space Pussy, maybe. no? Really? Definitely. Nice! I still haven’t read Potter. I’ve been so busy with Dune and all. We still have a club. he’s supposed to send us that other book. but I DID finish, just not THEN. also, at least I FINISH the books, unlike some people. Dune wasn’t cycled because I love the club! 

I type pretty much how I used to talk. When talking in text, I don’t always capitalize things correctly, but I definitely try to punctuate. I really want things to read like natural speech, I can’t give it up entirely.


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  1. Angie January 28th, 2009 9:13 am

    Hey Mike,

    I LOVED City of Ember. REALLY LOVED. I saw the religious parallels (how could someone not?) but I also saw a strong commentary on the environment. Had you noticed? The way the city was falling apart, blackout was imminent, but people just sat idly by and said things like “Well, the generator’s never failed us before.” This seems to me like a commentary on people’s attitudes in this world, that we can just sit back, not change a thing, and our problems will be solved.

    Anyway, to me, this movie was a great example of, not only the problems with leaving all responsibility in the hands of an unseen force, but letting one’s world collapse without taking any action or responsibility.

    My two cents!


  2. michael January 28th, 2009 10:59 am

    Angie, interesting points!