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Mar 10

The Clinton Rally!

Waiting for Hillary…

Waiting for Hillary…

The Hillary Clinton rally was packed, standing room only. Had the venue been large enough, people would have filled it. Her chances to take Florida in next week’s Primary are looking really good. Still, if you’re a Hillary supporter in sunny Florida, now is not the time to get complacent. Just because various polls say she’s up by 30, 40ish points doesn’t mean it’s safe to skip voting. That’s how election upsets happen; a candidate is way up in the polls, their supporters stay home on Election Day, while the underdog’s supporters show up en masse. We can’t let that happen, in any state. We can’t let Bernie Sanders take Primaries because his supporters are super-organized, while we’re so wrapped up in polls and projections that we forget to actually VOTE for the woman who ought to be our next President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary talking plans and policies… that actually make sense!

Over the last year, I’ve really paid a great deal of attention to Clinton’s speeches. It’s one thing to visit web sites, read up on the candidates, but hearing them speak is a totally different experience.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve only really started paying serious attention to Hillary Clinton this election cycle. Up until this past year, I’ve had cursory knowledge of Hillary; She’s former President Clinton’s wife. As First-Lady she championed universal health care, and lost. She was Senator of New York, Secretary of State, a career politician. Some say she’s sort of cold, others say she’s a stone-cold bitch. That was the gist of my knowledge of Hillary Clinton. With that kind of understanding, I didn’t like her so much. I did a really poor job of understanding one of our country’s most influential politicians. Such is no longer the case.

Hearing Hillary Clinton speak, the most important thing I’ve come to understand is that she is a true public servant. She isn’t in politics for power, or greed, or to make her rich pals richer. Hillary Clinton is in politics to affect change, to make society better than how she found it by the time she leaves it. Her entire political career has been about helping people, serving America. She cares deeply that all Americans have their shot at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She’s worked in child-advocacy, with a focus on health care for children, and early education programs. She led a strong charge to grant access to health care for all. Her attempt at health care reform was unsuccessful, but she tried because it was the right thing to do. She’s what all politicians should be, one who genuinely cares about people, especially those who are the most vulnerable. You can hear it in her voice, a sincere desire to perform good works.

As for being a stone-cold bitch, I think that’s a moniker given too often to women who are bold enough to smash a glass ceiling rather than be crushed underneath it.

After hearing Hillary Clinton speak in person, I’m only more certain that she is the right person to serve as our next President.


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  1. Georgette March 11th, 2016 1:25 pm

    This was an amazing piece on Hillary! Thank you so much for writing it!

  2. Mindy March 12th, 2016 12:13 am

    I’m a little jealous that you got to see her in person. I haven’t decided who I’m voting for in the primary yet. Guess I better get on that….

  3. Ormolu March 12th, 2016 2:43 am

    I completely agree with your post. The second to last paragraph in particular resonates with me. All the hate and vitriol spewed at Hillary is completely unfair. She played the politics game just like her peers but she’s held to an unrealistic standard because she’s a woman.

    On the other end of the spectrum, the utter disrespect directed at the new Ghostbusters movie is also such thinly veiled misogyny. Where were all these men-children complaining about an unnecessary reboot when Batman, Spider-Man et al are rebooted ad nauseum.

    Misogyny is still alive and well. It’s just more subtle now. And it’s disappointing.