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October 09th, 2008 | Category: Creative Flash

Water so hot, your entire body screams. Every inch of your skin burns white hot, then falls silent, numb. You can hear your own heart beating, loud and strong between your ears. Your chest rises and falls surrounded by steam. The feeling returns to your skin, conscious again from the initial shock. You lie back and close your eyes, heart pounding, thinking of her.

You remember her skin against yours, the heat and sweat. You remember the pain, the pleasure, the pleasurable pain. Bites and kisses, nails dug in and gentle caresses, sinking into scalding water. The line between ecstasy and agony is gone, burned away, there’s no difference between the two. You’re both dominant and submissive in turn, both knowing exactly how to play one another.

You don’t speak, and neither does she, not with words. You know other each on a visceral level, her breath on your face says I love you, I want you, take me, fuck me. Your eyes speak the same to her. She knows that you can’t stand much more, neither can she. She wants to see the look of release wash over your face. She takes you how she wants you, you can’t stop her. She won’t stop and you know it. You have no choices. She touches you beneath the hot water, slowly, then ever faster. You know what’s about to happen, your lack of choice doesn’t matter. Nothing matters, save for her touch and the look in her eyes. Beautiful, sinful, perfect.

You open your eyes and she’s gone. Your skin feels warm and alive with lingering pain. You remember her. You feel alive in the heat.


Maybe he’s right

October 09th, 2008 | Category: Random Thought

Maybe Sting has the right of it. He’s not as good as, say, Bono, or Jesus, but maybe he really knows something. Maybe De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da is exactly the right thing to say. Yes, I may, no, should, no, will try it on the next woman I fancy. It’s so stupid it’s brilliant.