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October 12th, 2008 | Category: Creative Flash

He’s been on the road for so long, tired and weary. He travels, what seems to him, endlessly. It all looks the same after awhile, the road, the dreary sky, no matter where he is, everything gray. The people especially, gray, dull, empty. He stops from time to time, tries to fit into places, with people, but the world’s a puzzle and he’s a mismatched piece.

He remembers home, and he wants to go back. He misses home, but he can’t go back. The road is cold and lonely, as is he. He travels to forget, but he probably can’t. He might be dead, the road his Purgatory, but he really doesn’t know. He may never know, as is the nature of such travel. So he goes, his home far away, but never gone.


Quarantine (movie)

October 12th, 2008 | Category: Opinions

Tonight I saw Quarantine, a film of zombies and claustrophobia. Now, anyone who hated the way Cloverfield was filmed should quit reading. However, those who enjoy the first-person shaky camera should stay right here.

Quarantine revolves around an L.A. tv reporter and her camera-man as they’re shooting an evening with the L.A. fire-department. The entire film takes place through the lens of said camera. It all begins as a typical and rather dull evening at the firehouse, until a call comes in, at which point things get interesting. It’s supposed to be a routine call, a possible medical emergency at an apartment building, an old woman screaming for no apparent reason. When our reporter and fire-crew arrive on scene, they find the woman disoriented, moaning and bleeding from the mouth. They, of course, try to help her, but she’s not so cooperative. Rather than take a little ride to the hospital, she bites out the throat of the nearest available fireman. From here, things go astonishingly bad, as teams of government agents seal off the entire building without explanation. No one in, no one out.

I haven’t enjoyed a horror movie in a very long time, until Quarantine. It doesn’t tell a brilliant story with rich characters, but that doesn’t matter. The story is solid enough, the characters real enough. Quarantine is really a film of tone, atmosphere, and stylish violence, a film one enjoys on a visceral level. I’m a fan of the first-person shaky camera, to me it adds a certain level of intimacy and intensity. Watching, one can’t help but feel trapped in that building, terrified with its tenants.

Quarantine is such an intimately intense and well-paced zombie movie, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience.