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Things to Do update

October 02nd, 2008 | Category: Life

So, last night I feel that I accomplished one of the easier things on my Things to Do list, movie hopping. I saw Choke, then jumped over to Burn After Reading.

Having read Choke the novel, the movie really let me down. So much of what I loved about the book was left out of the film, and part of the ending was totally changed. Had I not read the book, the movie probably would have been better.

Burn After Reading was absolutely excellent. I was really impressed with Brad Pitt, he basically stole every scene, which was quite impressive considering the cast.

One To Do down, more to go.


Terrible euphemism

October 02nd, 2008 | Category: Life

So, lately I’ve been astonishingly depressed, months really, and it all kind of hit me badly today. The problem is that everything hurts so badly I’m not good at talking about it. My friend is dead in the sense that Anakin Skywalker died. The person’s gone to me, and the loss is worse than anything I’ve ever felt. I don’t miss my voice as much as this person. I just shouldn’t have written about it the way I did, the euphemism was very wrong. The rest was entirely real.

Everything else is so easy to write about, save for this. I’m a fuck up.