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Tattoo #34

April 24th, 2010 | Category: Life,Tattoos

Tattoo by Fish, Las Vegas Tattoo, Ybor City.

I’ll be honest, this tattoo isn’t the easiest to explain, or maybe it’s actually really simple. I mean, as I think about it, writing this just before dawn, it’s really not a very elaborate story…

I’m in the hospital, weekend number one, not really doing much of anything but listening to music, and thinking about someone. She’s nowhere, and I’m thinking about her, and this Nirvana song comes up in my shuffle. It’s a song from Bleach, Big Cheese. So, I’m listening, feeding pretty melancholy about everything, and Kurt sings, “She is glue… How are you?” The line strikes me as one of the truest things I ever heard, about her being glue. People do stick, sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes not, but they’re stuck in your head, and in your heart, and that’s that, they’re with you. I decide that when I get out of that room, when I don’t have a needle in my neck, I’ll get my thirty-fourth tattoo.

(I got this tattoo from a fellow by the name of Fish. Colt, who I really thought would do the rest of my tattoos, isn’t around just now, and it isn’t certain when that might change. So, I thought about it, and I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to drop dead with unfinished tattoo ideas.)


Kindle for Mac

April 21st, 2010 | Category: Life,Opinions

So, last month Amazon released their test version of Kindle for Mac, allowing Kindle eBooks to be read on Mac desktops and laptops. I’ve been reading eBooks since the beginning, and Kindle for Mac is definitely the nicest eBook software I’ve ever used. It’s not even feature-complete, yet the current feature-set is totally enough to crush other eBook formats. For example, the Kindle app is tied to a user’s Amazon account. If one purchases a book on say, Kindle for iPad, that book gets synced to Kindle for Mac. So, one can have their entire eBook library on-hand on any device running Kindle software. I have multiple Macs, so it’s really nice being able to have my library whether I’m on my home Mac or my travel Mac. The Kindle apps also have a feature called, WhisperSync, which allows one to start reading a book on one device, then pick up exactly where they left off on another. I love being able to read a book out on the town, then pick it up on my home Mac without losing my place.

The biggest attraction to Kindle, however, is the book selection. I’ve been able to find just about every book I ever wanted. Just about… Michael Cisco isn’t published in Kindle-form, which was quite a let-down, but he’s the only author I haven’t been able to find. Maybe one day, I hope.

At any rate, until Apple releases an iBooks app for Mac OS X, I’m all about Kindle for Mac.

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Okay, so…

April 13th, 2010 | Category: Life

Okay, so, I no longer particularly feel like hot garbage, which is a nice change. I don’t feel exactly spectacular, but I don’t feel all sickly and ill either. I don’t feel as exhausted, and generally ill at ease. I’m kind of forcing myself to write this nothing, trying to get back to some kind of “normalcy.” I haven’t felt like writing in so long, but the words are starting to dance around in my head again.

I feel well enough for another tattoo… I’m really excited about this one, my thirty-fourth, I can’t stop thinking about it. My artist, Colt, has been out of town since January, so I haven’t gotten a tattoo since. I promised Colt that he’d be the only person to give me tattoos until I run out of room, or one of us drops dead, and I meant it. So, now that he’s back, we have more words to dig into my skin.

That’s it for now…


Getting back, slow-like

April 09th, 2010 | Category: Life

So, I’m just getting back after two weeks in the hospital with a ridiculous sinus infection. I had to have nasal surgery. My spectacular anesthesiologist, Dr. Mangar, kept me asleep, and alive, for over an hour during the procedure. I’m out now, trying to get back into things, but it’s slow. I’m tired, I’m a kind of uneasy, sometimes really uneasy. I’m just not myself yet. I’m a little frayed, a little fucked up.

Bear with me, while I dig my way out of this mess.