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Sep 26

Goodbye needle

Category: Life

So, I’ve had a needle in my neck for trache related IV anti-biotics. It’s been a little creepy having such a thing outside the hospital, especially since it wasn’t used to administer narcotics. That’s just the association I’ve developed with having a needle in my neck. Yes, there’s a needle in my neck, but if I’m getting Propofol or Morphine it really doesn’t matter. At any rate, I really had to go out today, needle or not.

I decided to go for a tattoo, one I keep trying to get, and a latte. I got to the tattoo shoppe at 2:30 PM and they were already booked. I couldn’t believe it. I had to make an appointment for Sunday. The latte, however, was excellent. Of course, none of this particularly interesting. The interesting part, at least to me, is that at some point during my travels the needle came out of my neck. It didn’t hurt. It didn’t bleed. I didn’t notice. So, obviously, I’m a highly evolved zombie.


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  1. Teresa September 26th, 2008 11:04 pm

    Goodbye needle, it’s been nice
    Hope you find your paradise
    Tried to see your point of view
    Hope my zombie dreams don’t come true
    Goodbye IV bag, goodbye coat hanger
    Will we ever meet again?

    You can laugh at my behavior
    That’ll never bother me
    Say the devil is my savior
    But I dont pay no heed
    Goodbye needle, it’s been nice…

    *Thank you to Supertramp for the inspiration from the classic 70’s song “Goodbye Stranger”

  2. Ali September 27th, 2008 2:24 am

    What tattoo are you getting?
    I’m jealous of your tattoos. I’m getting a new one real soon of James lyrics… have you ever heard of James? I’m sure you have heard Laid, everybody has but their other stuff is breathtaking, I saw them live earlier this month and I am still on a high from it, it was amazing, spiritual and just left me awe struck. Anyway you should totally check out Sometimes by them if you have time, I’m getting a line from the song tattooed on me, to remind me of the night that the whole place [a very intimate show, the paradise in boston, 650 people] just pressed up against each other, heat, love, tears the works singing along to the songs that were there for me when I was losing myself, that helped me grasp on to hope when I really didn’t think there was much left. Anyway sorry for the novel, check out Sometimes and if you have moment, let me know what you think. For some reason I think you’ll get it.. but I could, and very well might be horribly wrong.