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Nov 13

Open mic #3

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So, last night was my third open mic night. I’m becoming a fixture, a regular. I think I’m getting to be the resident liquor, drugs, death, sex, melancholy romance writer. They technically call it “open mic for musicians and poets,” but I mostly write flash fiction, not really pure poetry. I definitely don’t think of myself as a poet, I’m just a writer. Fortunately, they don’t seem to hold people to that poet tag. I read two pieces voiced by my now regular voice, Jimmy.

She’s like opium

Of course it’s not

Of course it’s not started out as a short story that I ended up not wanting to tell. All I really wanted to do was talk about some reasons one might have to get lost in a vice, and how ultimately pointless it is to put your hope into something hopeless. So, I cut out the awful story and re-wrote it in the second person as flash fiction. Honestly, it’s just me trying to put into words why I’ve been known to drink myself toward nothing. I wanted to try to explain it to someone.

Now some pictures…

Jimmy and I discussing Christian hypocrisy, while I'm wearing fuckin' awesome hoody.

Jimmy and I discussing Christian hypocrisy, while I'm wearing a fuckin' awesome hoody.

Jimmy reading my writing.

Jimmy reading my writing.

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  1. concrete_bubble (kelly) November 14th, 2009 1:42 pm

    I love it when you post pictures. I like your hoody. 🙂