My Whole Expanse I Cannot See…

I formulate infinity stored deep inside of me…

May 11


Category: Life

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  1. Ed Pohl May 12th, 2015 4:00 pm

    The rules governing the use of zero appeared for the first time in Brahmagupta’s book Brahmasputha Siddhanta (The Opening of the Universe), which was written in 628 AD ( ). Michael, my friend, you’ve been given the gifts of life, a strong, active mind, and access to a world of people, places, and ideas through the internet, so the universe is already open to you, just as much as it is to anyone. Whenever you want to you can step outside, leaving your familiar surroundings behind to travel to terra incognita, go exploring, and look for something fascinating or valuable to share with the rest of us.

    But in the meantime, I’m still waiting for you to explain the mystery of your prior post. Don’t leave me hanging!!!