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May 22

Pre-digital chaos

Category: Life

So, people have been asking to see my Letterman portraits, and I’d be happy to oblige, but they’re currently unavailable. Remember, they were shot amidst the pre-digital chaos of 1995. I have a roll of film, a few slides converted from negatives, the original prints, and the signed, framed prints. However, since we still haven’t totally unpacked from The Move, I really have film in a box, slides in a box, prints in a box, and signed, framed prints… in a box. I did have a few 600 dpi scans from an $1800 scanner back in 1997, but I can’t find them to save my life. They’re likely on some long-dead hard drive. We take it for granted that every photo we shoot will safely land in iCloud or Dropbox right after we take it, but that has only been the case for a scant few years.

I’m going to make it a priority to find my prints, make fresh scans, and safely back them up to everywhere OS X sees fit to send them.

Then, I post!


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  1. Otávio Pacheco May 23rd, 2015 10:53 am

    Yeah, I know how you feel, I use to take pictures with my analogic camera since 2002, and have lost lots of pics. And some of them are in boxes, packs and mixed with other stuff… When you manage to find the pics, it will be a pleasure to see it.

  2. Ed Pohl May 23rd, 2015 7:52 pm

    Michael, Thanks for the explanation. Please do try to find & scan those prints; I’m anxious to see them.

    When I have a chance, I need to go back & read all your old blog entries. I only subscribed in December, and since then I’ve read a few of your older posts at random, including the one about your meeting with the Vice President, but I wasn’t aware you had moved — I’m wondering if you moved with your family or into your own place. Your references to having known Steve Jobs and having a relationship with Apple were also a revelation to me.

    For a guy with a terribly debilitating medical condition, you’ve been quite the jet-setter. Yours is a pretty amazing life, when you think about it.