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Jun 4

Apple Watch is here!

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Apple Watch: An Elegant Face

Apple Watch: An Elegant Face

So, I got my Apple Watch, and it’s spectacular. As far as time-pieces go, it’s like owning a dozen watches in one. A watch’s personality, smart or analog, is its face. No matter a watch’s bells and whistles, its face gives it character, and the functionality that sets it apart from a sun-dial. Apple Watch comes with a variety of different faces, everything from a 3D model of the solar system that plots planetary allignment, as well as date & time, to the iconic Mickey Mouse face, with Mickey pointing out the hours and minutes. I tried them all, but settled on something of simple elegance, a face called, Motion. Whenever my watch awakes from sleeping, a gorgeously rendered flower opens from shy bud to full-bloom, with a crisp digital display of the time and date. Clean, sophisticated, beautiful, my ideal time-piece. To keep things interesting, a different flower comes alive whenever the Watch wakes. Now, some may be questioning my masculinity at this point, which is not a problem for me. A fellow can enjoy flowers!

Of course, the Watch does a zillion other things… I’m experimenting still.


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  1. Eve June 5th, 2015 4:02 pm

    Yay! Cool to see it has arrived! And happy you posted a pic! It looks beautiful. Haha and no, i for one don`t doubt your masculinity at all. Anyway, doesnt everybody have a bit of both inside us? Are the flowers random or do they relate to the time of the year in which they bloom? Anyway, enjoy enjoy and i`d be looking forward to hear more ins and outs of the watch.

  2. Ed Pohl June 6th, 2015 5:23 pm

    Michael, it sounds amazing. A 3D model of the solar system on the face of a watch? Who, decades ago, could have envisioned something like that even existing today? And now it’s just one of many features on a product available to the general public. It’s hard to believe.

    I’m not an early adopter by any means, and don’t normally read tech journals, but I’d love to hear lots more about the “zillion other things” your Watch does.