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Love (and nails!)

January 27th, 2013 | Category: Life
Swanky nails!

Swanky nails!

I’m going to be in Orlando on business this week, so my spectacular girlfriend gave me a super swanky manicure.

It’s weird how little things can make you love someone even deeper, just because of something so simple. We went to her first NHL game, my zillionth, we basically talked via the alphabet the entire game. I didn’t feel all by myself, we felt alone together. Talking about whatever, looking into her eyes, it was just us, and twelve thousand nobodies, vaguely, somewhere, outside of the tunnel created by our gaze. Then, we’re driving home, my mom and step–dad bickering about stop-lights like they’re still married, and she’s sitting with me, holding my hand, tracing my tattoos with the tips of her fingers, saying she loves me without saying the words.

It’s strange how something so small can feel so big.