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May 14

Print vs. TV

Category: Life

So, there seems to be a huge split between people who only read the Times article and those who saw the TAL episode.  Basically, people who just read the article tend to see me as some kind of sad, pathetic, kind of unrealistic, tragic figure with a clearly deranged girlfriend.  These people say things like, “I think my family knows that if that ever happened to me they better pull the plug,” and “I’d be friends with him in a heartbeat. I’m impressed by him…totally. But G/F means more than friends, it implies romance and physical interaction which they obviously cannot have…so what would be this girls motivation to be considered his “girlfriend”? I think that is more what we’re all questioning.”  They assume I can’t even leave my room let alone date and make love to a woman.

However, people who actually saw the TAL episode see me as a regular fellow in an unusual situation with a really kick-ass girlfriend.  They say things like, “Well, Mike, it was an absolute triumph!  WOW.  I must admit I was not sure what to expect—perhaps some effort to make you either pathetic or a superhero (the latter being closest to real, of course), but instead I feel like the show really captured you as a complicated, irreverent, loving, independent, evolving, witty, determined, realistic, romantic fellow.  A fellow I know mostly as a boy who has become a man.  Remarkable, really, that less than an hour of film footage could capture all that.”  

I just want to shake people who read that stupid article, vigorously, like a martini. I also appreciate even more the work that Ira and the rest of the TAL crew did.


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  1. Tanya May 14th, 2008 3:16 pm

    I saw the TAL episode and it was amazing! You’re amazing and so is Sara. I can understand how annoying and frustrating it must be to have so many people misconceive you and your relationship. Some people just don’t get it and probably never will. Their loss…

  2. RW May 14th, 2008 4:42 pm

    People who listen/watch TAL are “npr type” of people…more open, liberal, inclusive etc etc. The majority of the readers of newspapers are morons. 😉

  3. grace May 14th, 2008 9:16 pm

    hahaha yay!
    only smart people watch/listen to TAL.

    and i actually have no idea why i named daisy as such.
    the name just came to me :]

  4. Kevin May 15th, 2008 4:26 pm

    I was very impressed with the TAL show. I thought they did a great job of representing you living in a very challenging situation. I was tempted to turn off the TV after 5 minutes and just classify you as a tragic, hopeless victim of genetics. But as I watched on, I realized you’re a very intelligent individual dealing with the same emotions many people in your age group deal with – the striving for independence, autonomy and companionship. Thank you for exposing your story to us. It is enlightening and inspiring. And thank you to TAL for displaying it appropriately.

  5. Anne May 16th, 2008 2:47 pm

    What I loved about the TAL piece is that at the beginning it gently took me through the appearance of your life, which, frankly, takes some effort to process, and took us right to your heart and soul and to the heart and soul of Sara as well. How easy our senses deceive us… I loved having the opportunity to see you for who you are.

  6. REM May 17th, 2008 6:45 pm


    Great show on TAL. TBT article was superficial. Should have gotten your step dad on camera -HE ROCKS!

  7. penny May 21st, 2008 1:55 pm

    Hi, Mike!

    I appreciate your story so much and loved what you had to say on TAL.

    I would hope that all of the people who are better for hearing your story through TAL might outweigh the frustration and impact of the other article. I would be extremely frustrated, too.

    I have found that taking chances always brings about a few regrets, but ultimately, the risk pays off for the people who get it. You, Sara, and your mother gave your story to the world, and I am so grateful for it. So grateful.

    I am a beginning blogger so I will be subscribing to your feed asap.