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Jul 31

To spin?

Category: Life

So, yesterday I tried the Passy-Muir Valve. I lasted 35 minutes and everybody was quite pleased with how I did, but I’ll be honest, I won’t try to spin things, it was really very difficult. I could only actually say a few words and they didn’t come easily. It’s disturbing not being able to do something that I used to do without thinking. I’m told that I just need practice, rehab, but I don’t know. I want to be hopeful, but I find it difficult.

The Passy-Muir people were definitely spectacular, I couldn’t have been in better hands.


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  1. Ormolu July 31st, 2008 1:40 am

    I cast my vote with those who are hopeful for you – that it will come easier with practice. 🙂

  2. MagnoliaFly July 31st, 2008 8:48 am

    Did they refer you to a speech pathologist?

    You’d be surprised the number of muscles/structures involved in speech. It’s like anything else, they can atrophy due to not being used as much. I’m not sure if that is what you meant by it being difficult but it can get better.

    You should try rehab and see how your body responds.

  3. arsenalgear July 31st, 2008 1:26 pm

    I agree with MagnoliaFly. After not speaking for over a year, I would imagine your throat muscles are extremely weak. With a little practice each day, I am sure you will find it easier and easier to speak,