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Jan 22

Tracheversary and Tattoo #15

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Last night, as is now tradition, I went out to celebrate the anniversary of my trach, or as my friend, Monica, called it, my “tracheversary.” The idea is to take what could be a rather odd and depressing day, and turn it into something fun. So, to that end, I went to paint the town red with my assistant, Sarah, my friend, Sarah, and the previously mentioned, Monica.

It was a smaller affair than last year, just us four. The tone was different too, no reminiscing about the hospital, or me almost dying. They didn’t know me back then, so there was really no reason to talk about it, which was nice. I’ve written a lot about those days, but I don’t particularly like talking about them in casual conversation. I’d also never been out with so many people who could do the alphabet. Usually, only one person in a group knows how to do it, so I pretty much only talk that person, and if that person isn’t necessarily good at it, I hardly talk at all. Both Sarahs and Monica are good at it, so I don’t feel lonely around them, it’s nice.

Now, an interlude of pictures…

It's cold in Tampa!

It’s cold in Tampa!

Monica and Sarah discuss socioeconomic policy.

Monica and Sarah discuss socioeconomic policy.

Monica and I chattin' it up!

Monica and I chattin’ it up!

After dinner and what-not, it was time for my fifteenth tattoo. Unless it’s a real art-piece, I don’t like to schedule my tattoos. They’re more fun spontaneous, left to fate. So, last night, after much walking up and down 7th avenue in the bitter cold, visiting four shops, we finally found someone available to etch words into my flesh. We ended up at Doc Dog’s Las Vegas Tattoo Company, a place I’d walked by dozens of times, but had never been. As it turns out, Doc Dog’s is fucking spectacular, everything you could ever want in a tattoo shop. It’s so perfect, not too brightly lit, crazy art on the walls, tattoo needles buzzing everywhere. It was just right for my new ink.

Whenever someone tells me that I can’t do something, my usual reaction is to go and do it anyway, it’s just my way. Doing so always reminds me of a scene from my favorite film, Stay. Sam (Ewan McGregor) is talking to a strung out Beth (Janeane Garofalo). She’s just had a nervous breakdown and has taken a liking to liquor and pills. Sam sees her table-top pharmacy and says, “you can’t drink while you’re taking these,” to which she notes, “apparently, I can.” Hence the tattoo…

Tattoo #15

Tattoo #15

I really don’t like being told what I can or cannot do simply because none of my muscles work. My decisions are mine, sometimes I forget that, so it’s good to be reminded.

Me and Colt, tattoo artist and all-around badass.

Me and Colt, tattoo artist and all-around badass.



13 Comments so far

  1. Philip Dhingra January 22nd, 2009 1:19 pm

    Cool tat’. Gratz!

  2. Vincent January 22nd, 2009 1:22 pm

    Awesome! Love the font too.

  3. Ormolu January 22nd, 2009 1:26 pm

    I love the tattoo! And the story surrounding it. Glad to hear that you had such a lovely evening out. 🙂

  4. MagnoliaFly January 22nd, 2009 1:38 pm

    Fitting in so many ways.

  5. Jenn January 22nd, 2009 2:27 pm

    Very cool tat!

  6. colt January 22nd, 2009 4:48 pm

    bro you are the bad ass!awesome blog, tattooing you was the shit. stop by anytime .

  7. Sarah January 22nd, 2009 6:27 pm

    What a great sentiment!

  8. Will January 22nd, 2009 8:23 pm

    I’m sorry that when I was “getting to know you” I ever really worried about you. You are doing more, thinking more, being more, and getting out there more than most people I know right now. You Rock, I’m very happy for you, and I am especially grateful how well you took my and other people’s commentary when we really just didn’t know you and projected onto you. Getting to know you more has been a treat, and it’s cool for me to each day end my day and see what you’re up to. You’ve done us all a great service blogging. Vicarious living thru you is a definate high point in a lot of people’s day. Keep Rocking On man.

  9. Tony January 24th, 2009 1:01 am

    your fuckin’ awesome man

  10. michael January 24th, 2009 3:07 am

    Will, I really appreciate that, thanks.

  11. Michele January 24th, 2009 4:55 pm

    My husband and I just watched your story on “This American Life”. Apparently, you are a badass! How cool is it that Johnny Depp read your writings?

    We are total cinemaphiles and thought we could compare notes on recommendations of what is a must see. Let me know if you are interested.


  12. SIGEPJEDI January 27th, 2009 6:50 pm

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Great addition.

  13. Elly March 31st, 2009 11:11 pm

    That tattoo is awesome dude, I love that you did all spontaneous like 🙂