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Dec 24

My favorite Christmas song

So, this song is so beautifully written, part of it is tattooed on me. It’s not a “I’m one of those Christmas lunatics, I have ho ho ho tattooed on my face,” thing, the lyrics are just that good. Tattoo good.

The song, Calling On Mary, is one of two original Christmas songs written by Aimee Mann for her Christmas record, One More Drifter in the Snow. I know I’ve mentioned the record before, it’s a Christmas staple for me. I feel like Aimee really captures the melancholy beauty of Christmas. In adulthood, Christmas still retains its magic, its fun, but there can be romance, loneliness, lost love, introspection, experiences that come with age. Drifter embodies all the facets of Christmas through eyes that have seen decades of Christmases.

There’s still time to enjoy it, buy it on iTunes!

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  1. Wes December 25th, 2013 11:12 pm

    Nice tune! I’ve never heard any of her music. Always nice to get to listen to something fresh!

    Thank you!